Monday, February 6, 2012

St. Valentine's Day Blues!

Oh My! What Shall  I do?!  I am having the Gift for Saint Valentine’s Day Blues!

Why it is 2012 and a Leap Year, and I should be liberated and free and able
to eventually ask him/her to marry me!  And yet here I am on 02 of 02 of 2012
and I cannot even figure out what to give him/her on Saint Valentine’s Day!!!

We tweet, we friend, we blog, we text…….  it is just not enough to show our love,
through abbreviated characters, let us give the sparkle and pizzazz of our hearts!

What a post  modern dilemna!!!

Well dear blog reader of Elinor Coleman’s Vintage Mirage— here we are to your rescue!

Show your love for the special one in your life with Jewelry and Scarves!  Yes, we refer to the wonderful items in our store such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lockets, pins, cuff links and scarves. Why Scarves you ask? Well because for some fashionistas, yes the fashionistas we love and cherish- both men and women- scarves and pins are being worn as necklaces!

Such a unique twist of the fashion world, and so current?  Well no, when you think about scarves, imagine the notion that they originated way back in the early hunting and gathering era, those nomadic days, when women wrapped fabric around their bodies and heads, often to carry infants, food, and firewood.  The men realized that the fabrics also protected them from the wind and the sand and the rain.  And if she or he or they felt so inclined, they could wrap their special partner in the same fabric and create a momentary shelter, an intimate home. Wherever they  were.  A moving sense of home, space without walls  and with the gathered/found rocks, sticks and bones- the universal  fasteners/ tools.

Then ponder togas, which were rather extended scarves around the body, draped of course, attached at the shoulder with a large broach/pin or even a knife.  The Aha! moment, the concept and origin of jewelry! To fasten the fabric so that it would not slip off and fall to the ground or colliseum floor of the senate. Or in the street as you sauntered through, watching for Cleopatra’s divan passing,  with beautiful boys carrying her.

And  now to the coup de gras, with some personal memories.  Elinor Coleman the owner of Vintage Mirage lived and worked in Europe.  So she has direct certified knowledge when
she instructs customers in the arts of tying scarves around the neck or around the strap of a purse. As long as French women and men fashionistas have been speaking French, smoking Gitanes cigarettes and wearing berets on their heads, they have dressed with a scarf as a symbol of abandon and accessory laissez faire.

So when you come into the store and want to purchase one of the many scarves on display- silk, nubby cotton with ribbon and vintage button embellishment, pashima  cashmere with sequin and embroidery, and vintage city scapes or flower patterns and finally the hand woven scarves from Central America and Africa—ask us, and we shall demonstrate several ways of wearing and arranging the scarves for you. Yes, you are welcome, it is our pleasure.

Well then, back to the marvelous and special qualities of jewelry.  Such luster, such sparkle which shines and reflects and warms the skin and makes women and men alike glow and send out love and energy like the sun and moon. So jewelry is always a wonderful gift for the one you want to ask,  “ Will you be My Valentine?!”

How intimate and unique is this simple question?!  You can sing this, you can dance this out with gesture, you can write this, you can give a card with this question as well.  You can also give food.  So why not explore and do all of the above?! It is a leap year you know, so take a chance.  Just the idea of leap year reminds me of leaping around, so pick up your feet and go with the flow.  2012 and the vibe of communication invites all cupids to express themselves in all ways.

For the special woman/man  in your life give a one of a kind antique locket. You can put a miniature photo of yourself inside, so she/he will carry your love near her/his heart.
Pearls say love because they come from the sea. We have so many different colors and shades and shapes of pearls that you can express your devotion and creativity in necklaces, bracelets, pins, and earrings.

Heart shaped gifts are  a traditional and  beautiful shape for a gift for your loved one. We have necklaces, pins, lockets,  earrings and bracelets with hearts of all kinds. Some are sparkly and all are unique, many are designer vintage pieces. So historically and traditionally  they were given to a loved one and carry a wonderful tradition already infused within.

Oh now, you may wonder what you could find to give to that special man/woman in your life?!
Well,  a pair of vintage cuff links are a special gift and so much fun.  A gesture and hint of future dressing up events, or adding a twist to the encouragement of personal style for your special man/woman.

So many gentlemen come into our store looking for cuff links because they are wearing French cuff dress shirts.  And these cuff links in some cases also include  a matching  tie pin. Speaking of Roman togas, one pair of sterling silver cuff links in Vintage Mirage are made of genuine Roman coins! I know! How cool is that?!   And then we have a splendid collection of Victorian and Edwardian watch fob chains.

There is also at this point in time the most current focus on physical fitness and diet. What better way of showing your love for him/her than by giving a gift which is free of calories and trans fats?!! Do you really want to disrupt the New Year’s Eve resolution number one? Do you want that guilt thrown at you when she/he tries on the bathing suit this June?!

For the metaphysical, philosophical and esoteric special ones in our lives, the wonderful vintage and modern crystals – did we mention that we have an extensive selection of jewelry—make excellent gifts.  And further, we are saving you from stress and anxiety . You do not have to stress out that you cannot afford diamonds.  The variety of  affordable and real gemstone  jewelry offers many possibilities of enhancing the loved one’s eyes and hair, with even birth stone favorites.  Why the Aurora Borealis, or the full spectrum rainbow glimmer of these crystals, made with extra fine gold dust, shimmer and reflect the colors around them.  Much better than diamonds.  And then of course, you have enough money in the budget for dinner for two.

So dear VINTAGE MIRAGE  blog reader and follower, we hope we have put some humor, love, assistance, history, and creative suggestions out in the blog land for you.

Will you friend us on facebook? Did you look through our collection of wonderful photos of items in our store?  Will you come into the store and talk to us, and of course buy something?! We do look forward to your visit. We are as you know, an independently owned and operated woman owned business.

Will you be My Valentine ?! We need more love in this world.  And we need more jewelry worn every day too!

Have a lovely Saint Valentine’s Day!
Elinor Coleman
Elinor Coleman’s Vintage Mirage
written under The Purple Dancing Jaguar

Friday, December 30, 2011

Enjoy the Holidays by Looking Sparkly and Glittery

This year the holiday season 2011 is the year of the Paillettes, Crystals, Pearls and Lace.

Well, here we are, so quickly thinking and planning for the holidays 2011. Oh, and it is just next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving, so in my mind the extra attention to the holiday outfits are in the making as we speak. I am already packing my suitcase. Yes, as I have always admitted, it weighs a ton. So I bought a new hard cover suitcase with wheels that turn around 360 degrees; so I spin around or run sideways as I go now from room to room.

Well, I have to have a practice run before the airport don’t you think?!

Anyway, back to the blog and fashion.

With all of the runway shows presenting lace, shimmering surfaces and textures, and
of course plenty of sequins and multiple necklaces, bracelets, and oh such fancy wrist watches. So many of the formal materials now are very transparent, and adorned with appliqué, beads, sequins, and even small panels of lace inserted. You will notice feathers and also furs. Some of the fun this year will be to guess which of the materials is real or a fabulous non leather or non feather or fur fake—faux. Such a great word.

Another wonderful word- paillettes. A French word meaning a spangle or a thin leaf of metal.
So with some of the wonderful vintage items, the sequins were hand cut in various shapes, sizes and metallic colors and adorned sweaters, dresses, purses, gloves, hats, jackets, coats
and shoes. It is astonishing to consider the time spent on adorning the clothing and accessories by hand. Many times the process and even the design were patented; this permits us to know more about the inventor and age of the item.

This year, although we have already gotten snow and sleet, yes I know- in October yet!
I am going to offer some fun ideas and thought patterns for your choice of clothing, shoes,
hats, gloves, purses and all the other accessorizing fun items like JEWELRY for your holiday looks. Yes looks, because the whole outfit is a formal vision or picture of you all together. So each component must speak to you. So no matter what combination of items, you will have fun layering and then glimmering, to the point that you will become so much more enticing than the wreaths, trees, or even the table top decorations.

Yes, with the holiday season of 2011, and with the uncertainty and crisis and concern for the world populations, consensus and liberty and planning for the future, this year is the year to
step up and stand out. You can take your place of power with your look.

With the combination of vintage and current fashion items you will be able to make a unique look. No cookie cutter copy for you – this time for certain. With all of the fashionistas, Hollywood actors and also the designers going into their vintage collections- the time is right.

Pick any fashion magazine this year and you will see many articles and photographs showing vintage and current fashions combined. It is fun and adventurous. Especially if you choose to go through your Mother’s, Aunt’s, or Grandmother’s Closet?!

Before you are caught and sent to jail for absconding with the favorites, come to Vintage Mirage where you will find an amazing and eclectic collection of contemporary and vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories- from the Victorian era to today’s items on consignment.

We won’t turn you in, and we will offer great advice on how to put together a great look.
With the publication of the world of business’ top 50 Women CEO’s list from the London Financial Times, I found the whole publication fascinating. The portraits of the CEO’s were most telling in the postures, outfits, the biographies and quotations of each woman who made the list. Some day this list will be expanded to 1000 and then further expanded to those women who move mountains of business and shake up the world in a positive and empowering way. Perhaps the CEO is the final destination, but more important element and process is the journey up the ladder and how women achieve the power necessary to own and operate a business.

So once again back to fashion and the year of the Paillettes, Crystals, Pearls and Lace.
The weather is going to be cold, rainy, maybe even snow. So to keep warm, the easiest solution is to find a great warm coat or jacket. Big warm sequined scarf adds pizzazz. With so many great vintage furs and faux furs to keep you warm, you can then have the freedom to create your look with a sheath dress of any fabric of your choice.

I love the look of a beautifully cut dress, usually black, red or purple and a 1950’s beaded cardigan. But I can’t help myself, I also add chandelier or gemstone earrings- yes two different pairs. Usually I wear a family gold locket necklace or two. As a matter of fact, once I put the necklaces on when I am travelling, they stay on the whole trip. Small beaded purse rounds out the look with my sparkly flats and black leggings.

I also love the look of a dress with sparkling belt and a vest or short jacket over the look.
My friends and family keep their houses coolish, so in the beginning and when we are eating I need the extra layer. However, once I start helping in the kitchen, then as I move around I need to shed this layer. So therefore, to be able to take off the jacket or sweater if I start getting too warm, helps keep me comfortable but fashionable. I also don’t feel comfortable with lace and sequins and fancy sleeves near knives and food. It must be an early memory.

Several necklaces of gemstones, crystals or chains are the new look for the holidays. With the wide range of lovely vintage necklaces and hand designed pieces we carry, we can help you choose several combinations of jewelry which will stand out and add glimmer and warmth to your face. As you know, crystals, pearls and gemstones accentuate the light on your face. We carry so many aurora borealis crystal necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair ornaments which reflect with the lighting and make your complexion glow.

When I get a local invitation to a party, I dress for comfort, glimmer, sparkle, and shimmer, and oh, of course glamour, which means a dress with lace, in one of my favorite colors- purple, red, or black. Many of these dresses are from my own vintage collection, and are from the 1950-60’s.The cut and styling is so amazing from this era. The Mad Woman Era, which before this newest TV series, along with PanAm, used to be the Camelot Era.

Next I will add to both arms plenty of bangle bracelets, measured in inches,and then dangley earrings in gem stones. Did I mention a family gold necklace as well. Yes, of course, I will find a colorful coat of silk or faux fur. Black stockings or leggings and my glittery flats. When it is necessary to be seen above the suits, I will don a pair of short heels and wear my hair high, in order to stand out, or have a bird’s eye view of the people.

To an unsuspecting reader, this whole outfit sounds quite garish and overwhelming?! But then again, a girl cannot have enough jewelry, don’t you think?!!!

If the party gets boring, or if I am feeling shy, then I can play with my bracelets. Much healthier than those wonderful menthol cigarettes I used to smoke at parties in Lower Manhattan.

Well enough about the joys of the holiday parties. No matter the occasion, I enjoy dressing up even if my husband wears just slacks and a shirt.Women, we need to create occasions to dress up with great outfits of vintage and accessorize ourselves to set new fashionista standards. Why let others send us on the road to a life of jeans and t shirts.?!

So dear reader of this blog and vintage and consignment fashionista, enjoy this holiday season with plenty of lace, paillettes and crystals. Let the shimmer of friends and family getting together surround you with love and health for the end of a long year, 2011.

And plenty of good cheer for 2012. Let your fashion vision rein.

Blessings and Fashionings,
Elinor Coleman

Friday, December 9, 2011

The New Fashion Trends for Airports or Train Stations

The New Fashion Trends for Airports or Train Stations

This year so far, I have travelled all over the country, waiting in train stations and airports for many hours. To keep myself occupied during these stop overs, I people watch.

The magazines and books are saved for the cramped hours on the plane. For the train, I gaze out the windows and watch the back alleys and back fences of the Amtrak easements. So many closed but interesting derelict factories.

Someday I will try to write about the fashion expressions reflected from the downtown NYC scenes and uptown Bronx street fashion scenes, and how the fashionistas (insert designers here as well) were influenced by the graffiti. But that is a blog for another day, perhaps snow storm in the future without power.

The forced amount of time spent waiting becomes the opportunity for viewing and contemplating a continuous stream of people from all over the world; the state of fashion as it has radically transformed our lives and our outfits, because of the necessary security requirements of the TSA.

The fashion trends of the airports are totally different from the fashion trends of the Amtrak train stations.

Yes, I know you might say, so what. Well, having spent so much time causes me to ponder just how possibly our own fashion sense may become inherently transformed as a result of the requirements of having to take off our shoes, sweaters, coats, and any other outerwear garment the TSA demands.

The shoes in particular are a major factor in dressing for travel. Just exactly which shoes or sandals of flip flops we remove quickly and easily without a chair. What a major requirement becomes the fashion trend.

Flip flops have now become the de riguer for travel in airports. Not so in train stations. Thankfully, you can keep your shoes, boots and sandals on as you travel by train. Train travel permits your fashion sense to be held dear, and now more personal/formal all of a sudden because of the ease with the shoes and not having to strip down your clothes at all.

Traveling by train means that you can wear your business attire or choose a more formal outfit, but the whole outfit is totally controlled by your fashion sense, and not by outside rules and requirements.

Airport Fashion forward: The requirements are comfort, layering of garments, easy on and off for jackets, sweaters, socks and shoes. Just as I have had to come up with a perfect formula to pack my purse and make certain that there are no fluids, knives, weapons or mass destruction, etc, so also I have had to find an easy pair of shoes, not easy sometimes. How many pairs do I pack? Why is my bag a million pounds heavy and even the counter person looks at me with disgust?

So I am waiting in Chantilly(Dulles) and Alexandria (National- Ronald Reagan), Washington DC (Union Station), Denver, Chicago, New York City (Penn Station), San Francisco for many hours and see so much attire that it has caused me to write this blog.

Denver, doorway to the wild west, with full backpacking equipment, cowboys, and business travelers along with tourists. So picture me sitting in the middle seat of the jet, flying from Oakland, CA to Denver, sitting next to me is a cowboy, full cowboy outfit, ten gallon hat in the overhead compartment, jeans, western style shirt, special western stitching, big buckle, etc., with manicured toes and flip flops. I can only hope that this cowboy’s boots were in some luggage.

San Francisco, golden gate and home to the casual look or relaxed dresser. Casual clothing but well put together, and because of the comfortable climate, generally dressed in layers. Beiges, tans, off whites, and so fun batiks, light silks, jeans galore. Almost all the girls and guys in tight jeans.

The airport is filled with European and Asian tourists. The women are dressed in brighter shades and more textures than the locals. The men are dressed in jeans or khakis. Oh, the European women sport some wonderful purses from the European designers, some of the styles, textured leather or other materials we do not get here in the US.

Union Station, Amtrak is such a wonderfully preserved building with such splendid architecture, that the actual space inspires shopping and exploring. The shops have beautifully displayed food, books, clothing, makeup, jewelry, and who can resist coming in advance and shopping for some great gift or treasure.

I just love wandering around quickly and buying something, each time it is at a different store. I am partial to jewelry- complete surprise, I know!! So I have to spend time in the swatch store. Or in one of the boutiques for makeup. With the glass displays and large corridors, this station calls to mind the elegance of the golden age of travel, which was how and why it was designed.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

How To Pack a Suitcase Easily and Efficiently and Be Overly Fashionable

Going on a vacation or going on a business trip can be stressful if you are not prepared nor have a model/ formula for fashion ensembles worked out in advance.
So come along with me on this easy to follow format/ outline and modify the details as you wish in order to make your travel smooth, exciting, efficient and fashionable.

You want to be prepared and also look your best, so planning saves time and takes the place of trying on multiple outfits to find the best or most comfotrtable one, since from the suitcase, what you have packed is now your mini travelling wardrobe. Unless you have packed a huge trunk ala 1930 and 1940's for ocean liner holidays.

So dear vintage reader, take a moment, breathe out slowly, wave your arms, roll your shoulders and wiggle your feet and knees, just like the soon to be exercises you will attempt on the jet going towards your destination. Now cover the bed with the spread so you have a full and neutral surface to work with and let us begin....

We are going to create a coordinated, comfortable, versatile mini wardrobe in which each element goes with all items. Also this is designed and planned by you to work for daytime or evening, casual to more dressy, aided by the jackets, scarves, and other accessories.
Choose your favorite color as the basic pallette of the wardrobe, adding white, navy blue or black for the secondary color.

  • Sheath dress- sleeveless or short sleeved

  • jacket

  • blouse

  • basic tailored long pant

  • camisole/ sports top in camisole style- black, grey, white, navy, creme

  • leggings-capris or full length,without feet,same color as camisole

  • pair of jeans or jeans type leggings or pair of capris pants

  • 2 Tshirts

  • 1 white blouse with long sleeves or tuxedo shirt with pleats

  • bolero length jacket or vest

  • 1 skirt

  • 2 belts- one wide which fits over all garments chosen including coat and jacets.and one skinny belt which fits in loops of pants, but could double up as belt around jacket or dress

  • 2 scarves or shawls- 1 scarf is an accent and has colors you have chosen above and1 scarf or shawl has glittery threads, sequins, beads, or embroidery and is dressy. This scarf should be longer and wider

  • 3 pairs of shoes-evening shoes, work shoes, comfortable shoes for walking, exercising, (do not forget socks with these)

  • pair of flip flops ( can be worn as slippers)

  • personal under garments ( always pack and extra pair for emergency or delay)

  • personal toiletries

  • Jewelry and Accessories-
    travel bag, basic purse, evening clutch or long strapped small metallic purse, eco shopping bag

  • 2-3 necklaces

  • 2 pairs of earrings- one basic, one glitzy

  • wrist watch - plain or glitzy

  • 1-2 bracelets

  • Assorted hair ornaments, scrunggis, bobby pins

    Please spend the time to try on each garment, play with all of the combinations of looks with these few elements.

    You know your comfort zone. If you tend to be cold often, even in air conditioning, add a trench coat, longer length coat or jacket, boyfriend jacket or one button coat.
    If You tend to be hot and flush often, then pack a small paper hand fan and additional sleeveless lacey blouse or top. A longer length top serves double purpose if belted, as top/ short dress with skirt and pants.

    And finally, do not forget the work out, adventure, festival outdoor attire possibility:
    mini flashlight, bandana, bug spray, sports top, sports pant, swim suit, long sleeve zipper outer shirt(look for shirts with bug spray already on the fabric), floppy hat/baseball hat

    In a pinch, you can even utilize these work out items as basic under garments if you need.

    These all should fit into a small suitcase.Need more assistance with this plan? Visit us at our Vintage Mirage store in Alexandria, Virginia and we will help you further.

    So now go and Happy Voyage!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

“ Keep Cool with Stylish Summer Looks'

Oh summer, hot and humid. We wish to feel and look cool, refreshed and relaxed in essence, but also put together. Covering up to guard against the sun rays but flowing enough covered up to permit a breeze or air to circulate so we are cooled and do not have clinging fabric. Here is how to look and feel cool; prepared to cover up when in the overly air conditioned rooms as well.

Gather your lacey, gauzy cotton, linen, flax, bamboo, rayon fabric garments regardless of color, pattern, or texture. Next locate your cotton, open weave shawls, scarves, assorted belts, woven belts/sashes.

Although you might expect me to start with a frilly bra of lace or embroidery and lacey underwear in general, try on an alternative next to the body layer as an experiment, the camisole style sports bra and capris length leggings. Therefore the torso to the thigh is one solid color and becomes the basic canvas or ground for your look: white, black, cream, beige, brown, pink, violet, or any color you choose.

Now add lacey, gauzy, flowing textures of varying lengths- the longer lengths on first, shorter lengths on top. Then try shorter and fuller lengths on first, then a long open layer over all.

Take some time here at this stage so you will want to experiment little and see if you can come up with 3 different combination outfits. Mix and match garments regardless of pre- purchased sets.

Next for the fun of the vintage eras, go looking through the lingerie drawer, swim wear collection, exercise clothing drawer, boy friend’s closet, Grandmother’s or Mother’s closet- negligee, bed jackets, lacey slips, nightgowns, dressing gowns, tuxedo jackets, cumber buns, tuxedo shirts, swim suits, lacey fabrics to be worn over swim suits.

Now go to the full mirror and try these garments with the other clothing you pulled out and mix up the 3 different looks with all of these elements. With the infinite combinations possible try mixing up textures and patterns. Remember that this next fashion focus will honor the tattoo and the peek through of the silhouette of lights.

Create now a belted look using a scarf or try on a belt as a waist accent at the hip, waist or rib cage, making an empire look. The belt wherever you wear it adds an accent, and brings the eye to a waist or mid section of your figure, so try several places and see how your look shifts emphasis. the belt will define the midline and show you in balance from the head to the toe.

Look for some crystal, pearl, glass, Bakelite, or resin jewelry pieces which are inherently great materials in the summer, as they cool the body down. Summer fun jewelry accessories are necklaces, chandelier earrings or crystal sunbursts on clip on earrings, a row of bangles, or elastic bracelets which are quieter and fit more snugly on the wrist.

Purses can be so heavy as we all overstuff our bags. Summer can be an opportunity to pare down what we carry, or try a small clutch for the very essential items. Then if you still need all the rest of the kitchen sink, add a flowery tote or beach bag. This way these two elements can be separated.

Focusing on the theme of the gauzy layered look, add a vintage white or crème beaded or straw bag for your new outfits. In the 1940-60’s there were many styles, shapes, materials, and textures from which to choose.

Foot ware is all so personal. So you choose what you feel is most comfortable and lovable to show off your pedicure, or keep your feet happy any way you wish. The comfort and health of the feet are essential elements for a healthy and happy body.

Since we are trying new combinations for our wardrobe, the old fashioned rule of the purse and shoes must match in color and texture is not to be followed this time round.go on and mix them up. Let your toes feel free.

Now it is time for the hair. For summer coolness, having the hair off of the face and neck give the body an area for fresh flowing current of air and you will feel cooler. So put your hair up into a pony tail with a crystal enhanced scrunggi, pin back your hairdo with crystal bobby pins or a crystal enhanced French clip, or flowery head band or flower clip. Yes the new royal look is mini hats. So you can have fun experimenting with chignons and feathers too.

So enjoy the time in the sun and experiment with your wardrobe. Have a Great Summer. Elinor

20 July 2011 Check our Twitter Feed for photos!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Equinox brings on see thru fabrics with tattoos

Hooray the Spring Equinox is fast approaching and the colors, patterns, and tattoos are
now being shown in the media, on the runways and in the stores. We are now having an end of the winter sale here in the vintage mirage store for all winter weight coats, suits, and jackets
at 15 % off. We are working to make room in our store for the wonderful assortment of vintage Spring clothing and accessories.
Here is an idea about how to make a vintage modern mix using your favorite dress and add a lacey look from our store.

There are some lovely lingerie pieces which are gloriously lacey, see through, and one of a kind in so many colors and designs. So you could try mixing a luxurious lacey slip over a sports bra and cotton blouse or cotton dress and then add a belt.

We also currently have some pastel jackets and soft jackets too.
Come visit our store. Soon we will offer shopping possibilities on line. Stay tuned.
Elinor Coleman's Vintage Mirage.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here at Vintage Mirage we offer downsizing/liquidating consultations for individuals, and families with large and small collections. We offer the information about the various aspects of recycle and reuse. The various avenues of liquidation have many names such as donations, ebay, auctions; in previous eras we would call it hand me downs or flea markets or the rag man, or the scrap collectors.

Sometimes the collections need to be sold for financial reasons and other times the goal is also to ensure the preservation of a legacy of history along with the fine hand crafted techniques.

Basically our suggestions offer options of finding new homes for loved items, often with historical significance. So often in the past people have donated their collections to museums and educational institutions thinking that these objects might be used for research, and would have a home for future generations and assured preservation.

Now in the last few years,and this Spring in New York City, more major museums and educational institutions are auctioning off their inherited and donated collections in order to raise the funds for their institutions. These vintage clothes, accessories, fabrics, textiles, and rugs will be auctioned off from a large selection of museums in a single event. The major cost of preservation in labor and space pressures these institutions to sell off categories they do not hold to be important, nor valuable.

I am appalled at the idea that families and individuals donated items to these institutions for safe keeping, and now the museums have changed their course and mission, so they will sell these items. Here is another example of reading the fine print in a contract. Perhaps these institutions should offer the originating family to have these treasures returned? Or perhaps